Thursday, April 27, 2006

What it's all about

This blog project is to help us at ARCH as much as to help you. Every few days, we're contacted by someone asking about ‘The Children’s Database’, so we reckoned it would be useful to set out the full range of children’s databases (note the plural) together with their related ‘assessment tools’, relevant guidance, issues around consent etc. That way, it’s all written down for you to see, and the next time anyone asks us we can just give them the URL.

There is far too much information to digest (and write up) all in one go, so we are proposing to do a series of factual blogs over the next couple of weeks taking it a bit at a time.

We’ll keep it very simple and basic, at least for now - it can all be discussed later - but tell us if an explanation isn’t clear and we’ll try to do a better job. We will give you as many links as possible where you can follow up things that interest you (and check we’re not making it up as we go along).

We’re going to start on May 2nd.